Born and raised in Ottawa Ontario, Robbie moved to Alberta at age 12, where he joined the wrestling team in his school and began competing. At age 15 he started his martial arts journey pursuing a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. At age 20, he began practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. With a passion for competing, Robbie tested his skills at tournaments, amateur bouts and eventually competed internationally as a professional in both Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. Robbie lived, trained and competed in Thailand. He also lived and trained in Milwaukee Wisconsin at Roufusport MMA Academy under the Tutelage of renowned mixed martial arts coach and 4 time Kickboxing World Champion Duke Roufus. Robbie has been instructing Martial Arts for over 10 years and has a genuine passion for teaching. He retired early from competing professionally to enjoy additional time with his children. Robbie is the first Canadian to achieve Muay Thai instructor certification from the renowned Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp in Bangkok Thailand. While Training in Thailand Robbie has had the pleasure of learning from some of the best in the sport of Muay Thai including:

-Ajarn Monlit Sitphodaeng (Head Trainer at Sitsongpeenong, trainer of multiple world champions)

-Sagat Petchyindee: 3 X Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champion, Multiple time kickboxing and Muay Thai world champion
(the man the street fighter character was based on)

-Dr. Sawang Vithayapitaks (Ph.D Muay Thai Studies and head of deparment of Muay Thai studies)

-Professor Anek Hongtongkam (Former chairman of Ring Officials for Channel & and WBC Muay Thai)

-Direcor Worrasak Pakdeekam (Director on the board of boxing control, sports authority of Thailand.
Referee/Judge at Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium)

-Alex Tsui ( Worlds foremost expert on the history of Muay Thai)

-Ajarn Phaniang Poontharat (Veteran of 170+ amateur boxing fights and 30+professional Boxing fights.
Former world ranked #2 WBC and #3 WBA Trainer of Multiple world champions)

-Mr. Timothy Dharmajiva (Founder and Manager of Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp.
Over 30+ years’ experience in the sport of Muay Thai.)

-Nokweed Devy and Brothers Santos and Paidang (All former Rajadamnern Stadium Champions)

-Stephan Fox (WMC Vice President)

Robbie’s achievements include:
• Perfect Professional Mixed Martial Arts record, 4W-0L
• Amateur record, 8W-3L-3KO
• Lived, trained and fought in Thailand
• First Canadian Awarded Instructor Certification from Sitsongpeenong Muay Thai Camp in Bangkok Thailand




Growing up in Jamaica, his Grandfather was a huge fan of Kung Fu cinema. Bruce Lee films and Chuck Norris’ “Walker Texas Ranger” were often the only things watched on the television aside from the nightly news. This was not uncommon among
Jamaicans who have a great appreciation for martial arts. At the age of 10, Karlando moved to Canada and in Toronto, he began his martial arts journey at a local Tae-Kwon-Do school. As he matured, his appreciation for Kung Fu and Bruce Lee led him to begin training Wing Chun Kung Fu. He trained Wing Chun briefly in Toronto before moving to Edmonton where he began training at SIL LUM GUNG FU in Hung Gar and White Crane styles under Sifu Ed Laramie. This was where his discipline and tenets were developed. In the basement of a Buddhist monastery in Chinatown he practiced forms/katas, worked on drills and gruelling conditioning circuits. After successfully competing at various tournaments both regionally and internationally over the course of 2 years, he decided to start competing in the amateur circuit in Muay Thai and Kickboxing under the tutelage of Kru Mukai Maromo and Coach Robbie Merrill. Some of Karlando’s accomplishments include:

Active Amateur Muay Thai/ Kickboxing Competitor
2010 Canadian Nationals Super Bantamweight Champion
2009 WMAG – 4X Gold Medalist – 1 Silver


Paul P-mac MacKenzie

Boxing Instructor (Intermediate / Advanced)

Paul “P-MAC” MacKenzie born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta has been involved in Combat Sports for 21 years. He started his martial arts journey at age 5 and received his black belt at 11 years old. He spent a couple years training Kung Fu and at the age of 12 Paul joined the sport he fell in love with… BOXING. Paul had a great amateur career fighting 49 times and travelling all over Canada, USA and to Ireland to compete. As a professional he had 10 fights and was ranked 3rd in Canada. He has been in the sport of Boxing for 14 years and counting.

Fight records:
Amateur: 29-20 (9 ko) Professional: 8-1-1 (5 ko)

List of Boxing Accomplishments:
Showcased on the TV series “Against the Ropes”
Voted: 2015 Most Impressive Fighter by Canadian Boxing
Voted: 2015 Western Fighter of the Year by Canadian Boxing
2012 People’s Choice Canadian boxing KO of the year
Voted: 2012 Western Fighter of the Year by Canadian Boxing
6-time Alberta Golden Gloves Champion
7-time Alberta Provincial Boxing Champion
4-time Alberta Representative at the Nationals
2-time representative at the World Ringside Championship
Recipient of the Barney O’Connor Award for Edmonton’s Boxer of the Year (2007)
Certified Level 2 Boxing Coach



Children’s Muay Thai Instructor

Tyson is a certified personal trainer and an experience kickboxing instructor with a Black Belt in Taekwondo. Tyson has a unique ability to create a perfect balance of structure and fun to motivate children, build their self confidence and teach them the beautiful art of kickboxing. He teaches youth the importance of dedication and belief in what they can achieve. His classes are taught in ways that relate to life and motivate students to be at their best. He incorporates diverse exercise and rigorous pad working drills that focus on attention to detail and creating habits important for their personal success. With these skills children build confidence that lead them to uncovering the limitless potential of their young minds and bodies. Tyson is an active kickboxing competitor.


Sifu Alan Relf

White crane kung-fu

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Sifu Alan Relf began wrestling on his school team in 1969, eventually earning a provincial championship in 1973. After high school he began his martial arts career when he joined Grand Master Frank Lee’s White Crane Kung Fu school. Under the tutelage of Master Lee’s best fighter, Master David Lygo, he was awarded his black sash in 1981 and has since continued to pursue excellence in kung fu form and fighting. Alan revisited his wrestling roots in his early forties by entering several submission grappling tournaments over a number of years, taking medals away from each one. Alan comes to us directly from Frank Lee’s gym where he instructed Catch Wrestling and Kung Fu classes for the last seven years.




Jeet started training in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 6. He achieved a 2nd degree black belt and competed around the world including the world championships in Russia where he won a bronze medal and the US Nationals in Orlando, Florida where he won 2 silver medals. Prior to moving to Edmonton, Jeet instructed both children and adults. At the age of 25, Jeet started training Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Fire Martial Arts where he met Coach Robbie Merrill. Jeet began developing his skills in Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and now competes professionally in Mixed Martial Arts. Jeet actively competes in Mixed Martial Arts and has a professional record of 4 wins and 2 Losses.



Boxing Instructor

Missy started her boxing journey in 2012. Initially she was only interested in weight loss and to get a self-esteem boost. Needless to say, after her first class she was HOOKED! Weight management and confidence was always a struggle for Missy as long as she can remember until she fell in love with boxing. In 2013, Missy achieved her Level 1 Coaches Certificate and has been a Boxing Coach full time ever since. In 2015, Missy had her first amateur boxing match and has been actively competing since, compiling a record of 9 wins with only 1 loss. Missy aspires to Box professionally and after another 10 amateur matches plans to transition to pro and begin climbing the professional ranks.

Fight Record: 9-1 (4 ko)

Boxing Accomplishments:
2018 – Bronze Medal at Canadian Boxing Nationals
2016 – Gold Medal at Brampton Cup
2015 – Gold Medal at Brampton Cup Certified
Level 1 Boxing Coach





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